EBC Student Ministries Fall Retreat 2022 is COMING SOON!!!!


We could not be more excited for our first ever Fall Retreat! This year’s Fall Retreat will be held at Camp Willow Run on Lake Gaston, less than an hour from Rocky Mount. We will leave on Friday, November 18th after school and return to the church on Sunday, about the time that morning services are finishing up. This will be an incredible weekend of playing games, hanging out, and most importantly, worshiping Jesus! The theme of this year’s retreat is “OWN IT!” In our large group and small group sessions, we will be talking about what it looks like for students to take ownership of their faith. Our faith is a personal faith and each of us is responsible for our own relationship with Jesus. We will help students think through what it looks like to own their faith in their home, in their school, and to the nations!

Each of us must take ownership

of an individual, personal faith in Jesus as our Lord

and Savior.

Camp Willow Run

Camp Willow Run is a Christian camp located on Lake Gaston in North Carolina. The camp is built on a unique railroad theme using actual boxcars that have been converted into heated and air-conditioned dormitories. The three-fold purpose of Camp Willow Run is to win youth to Christ, help mature those who are already Christians and demonstrate that you can be a Christian and have fun."


What will the sleeping arrangements be like?
What if I need to get ahold of my student?
Who are my student's small group leaders, and who will be in their groups?
What time will my student be at church on Sunday?
When/where do I pick up my student on Sunday?
What if my child has a food allergy?
What happens if my student forgets a toiletry item or a piece of bedding?
What happens if my student forgets their medication?
What does my student need to bring?
Will my student be allowed to use their devices?