Prayer is at the heart of everything we do because through prayer, we maintain and strengthen our personal relationship with God. This is how our faith is built, our path is determined, and our mission is accomplished. This is how we serve and how we honor and glorify our Father. Our prayer resources are free to download and share.

 Personal Prayer Walking

Click here to download a guide to prayer walking and observing your community. 
Click here to download a resource to help you prayer walk your neighborhood. 
Bless Every Home provides all the tools to get to know your neighbors by name so that you can begin praying for them daily.

 Prayer Models

In Matthew 6, Jesus responded to the disciples’ request by giving them a model of prayer. The Lord’s Prayer was not meant to be simply memorized and recited. It was meant to be to a guideline and outline on how to pray. You might use one or several models to guide your time of focused prayer. Click on the following to download: 6 Models of Prayer  or  Models of Prayer


 Prayer Calls

Join OneCry Prayer Calls for the Nation: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (8:00-9:00 PM) More information can be found at

 Other Resources

This document lists names of villages in the Konkan Megasegment of South East Asia. Please join us in bringing these villages, and their inhabitants, to the throne of God, by name. 
Praying through the Sermon on the Mount
Learn how to draw closer to God and disciple others to do the same while growing in your faith. 
Access a forty-day prayer guide for the spiritual renewal and revival of our nation. 
Access more than ten different text-based prayer guides to focus your prayers for families, missions, pastors, men and more. 
Access an intercessory guide to praying for Israel.
Learn 16 specific ways to pray for missionaries. 
An exclusive guide can be downloaded (after your share your contact information). The guide directs Scripture-based prayer for leaders. 
Bill Elliff walks through multiple Biblical passages to help us understand the need to pray with no intermission. This book is designed to not only be inspiring and educational, but experiential. Engage alone or convene a small group to study online with you.