Here at Englewood, we believe that every believers has a role to play in Christ’s Kingdom and every member has a place in Christ’s church.
The Discover Englewood Workshop is a class taught by one of our pastors and is intended to give prospective members an understanding of Englewood’s Mission, Vision, and Structure. We discuss subjects like biblical membership and how members can connect, and we assist new members in finding a place to serve.
Join us for Discover Englewood Live on July 18 at 4:00 PM. Click here to register.
This study is available online. You may access it by clicking here.
This study is also offered in a live setting periodically throughout the year or on DVD. Simply ask for the Discover Englewood Study at the Welcome Desk.
At Englewood, we receive members who have completed the necessary requirements once a quarter, following the evening Worship Celebration. The service concludes with a reception in your honor.
Do you have more questions on membership? Click here
Do you have questions about baptism? Click here
If we can assist you further, please email, and she will be glad to help.