The Pastoral Care Ministry is a visible reminder of God’s presence during times of difficulties, pain, and sorrow. Primary areas of pastoral care include Bereavement, Hospital Visitation, and Biblical Counseling.


Our Pastoral Care Ministry is designed to provide Biblical comfort and compassion when letting go of a loved one. When the Pastoral Care office is notified of a death of an EBC member or their immediate family member, we contact and visit the family as soon as possible. You are not alone. When the time comes that you need our assistance, do not hesitate to contact Grace Cook in the Pastoral Care Office at 937-8254. In the event that an emergency arises after office hours, please contact the Pastor on Call at 458-1303.


We realize that some of the most difficult times in an individual or family’s life can be when the health condition of a loved one requires the necessity of hospitalization and/or surgery. In either situation, we understand that it can be challenging to discover God’s purpose in these times.
During this time of the COVID Pandemic, our pastors and/or deacons are unable to visit our Englewood members before surgical procedures or when they are hospitalized. But, once notified, they are making phone calls in order to offer prayer and support.
It is very important that you (or a family member) inform the Pastoral Care office as soon as possible by calling the church office at 937-8254. In the event of a hospital emergency outside of normal office hours, please contact the Pastor on Call at 458-1303. You can also click here to submit this information online.