Our Vision – A multitude from every nation, tribe, people and language knowing and worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Mission – Every person hears; every believer shares; every disciple trains beginning in Rocky Mount and extending around the world.

Our Task – We are committed to go wherever it takes and do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to plant indigenous, reproducing churches among the Koli Malhar. 

The Preschool Ministry desires to partner with parents in raising their children in homes that honor God.  We provide foundational tools to assist parents with building spiritual truths in the lives of their children from the Bible.

The Preschool Ministry consists of a group of loving followers of Jesus Christ that desire to share the love of God with infants and preschoolers.

We can make a difference in an infant or preschooler’s life by pointing them and their family to Jesus Christ!

Week at a Glance – Preschool
Sunday 8:00 am/9:15 am/10:45 am  Preschool Bible Fellowship
Birth to Pre-K
  4:30 pm  Childcare for Birth to 3 yr. olds for parents participating in on-site church activities
  6:00 pm Evening Worship Childcare for birth – 3 yr. olds
Wednesday 6:30 pm

Awana Puggles & Cubbies for 2 yr. olds (by Aug. 31) to Pre-K during the months of September to May

  6:30 pm  Childcare for birth to 3 yr. olds for parents participating in church activities on site.
  6:30 pm   Treasure Seekers for 3 yr. olds (by Aug. 31) to Pre-K during the summer.


EBC Preschool Ministry Handbook

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