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Bible Fellowship is what many other churches call Sunday School.  We chose to rename a valuable part of church life in order to define what we do. 

Bible – because relevant Bible study is the focus of each group.

Fellowship – because fellowship is the result of being vitally connected to one another in small groups.

Bible fellowship Groups are the main Bible teaching, people reaching and disciple making branch of Englewood Baptist Church.  They are the hub of ministry at Englewood.  We focus on taking the timeless truth of God’s Word and bringing it to life – your life.  Whatever age or stage in life, there’s a group for you and every member of your family.  From the new born baby to the oldest of our senior saints, for the married, single, and single again adult for the middle school student and high school student, for the person seeking a first time relationship with God to the person who has spent a life time with Him, there is a place for you.


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