Prayer Desk in our
24 Hour Prayer Room

Prayer Warriors
Have Access to our
Virtual Prayer Wall Online

Our Praise Desk
Where Our Prayer Warriors
Can Listen to
Praise Music and Worship

The EBC Prayer Room is a room set aside and designed for prayer.  Prayer Room Intercessors sign up for an hour a week and come to the Prayer Room at that same hour each week.  These prayer requests come from calls made to the prayer room, from members of our congregation, staff, and missionaries. There are also prayer requests that are submitted on prayer cards that are located throughout our building for anyone needing prayer.

We also have a computer in our 24-Hour Prayer Room, which allows our Prayer Room Intercessors the opportunity to pray on our Virtual Prayer Wall (VPW).  This online Prayer Wall allows our members, who have signed up to be Watchman on the Wall, to go online and pray for our pastors, church leaders, our congregation, community, country, missionaries, family, and friends, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

All requests made to our Prayer Room are kept confidential.

Our Intercessors spend their hour praying on the Virtual Prayer Wall, or reading praise reports from people that have been called in to the prayer room.  There is also a praise report/prayer request book in the Prayer Room for prayer requests that have asked for a note of encouragement to be sent to them.  Our Prayer Intercessors take time during their hour to write these special notes of encouragement, which are then mailed to the person who is being prayed for in the prayer request.

Training is provided prior to your participation in the 24 Hour Prayer Room.  You must be a member of Englewood Baptist Church for at least a year, and be at least 18 years of age, before participating in our 24 Hour Prayer Room.

For more information on how you can get involved in this vital prayer ministry at Englewood Baptist Church, contact Pastor Greg O’Neil by emailing him at or his Administrative Assistant, Grace Cook at You can also reach them by calling the church office at 252-937-8254.

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