Children's Bible Fellowship is an exciting place for your children to be each Sunday morning! Children are signed in by their parents in the Lewis Building Gym where we meet for our Large Group time. During Large Group time, we see fun videos that introduce children to the lesson that day, we worship together, and play fun games! Then, your child's teacher will take the age-specific class to their Bible Fellowship classroom. Our teachers love children and strive to present the Bible to your children each week in a way that they can understand and apply. When the hour is over, parents sign their children out from their classroom. We meet at 8:00am, 9:15am, and 10:45am every Sunday!

First time and returning guest, save time upon arrival and pre-register your child(ren) for Sunday morning here!


What We're Learning This Week:

The Triumphal Entry
Jesus entered Jerusalem, which ultimately began His march toward the cross. Jesus’ entry was triumphant, and people welcomed Him as they would welcome a king. Jesus was the King, not like an earthly king who might deliver his people from oppression, but the King of all, who would deliver His people from sin! Do you live your life with Jesus as the King of all? Who do you know who does that well? What do you see in them that is characteristic of a Christ follower?


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